New Catalog

New Library Catalog Arrives January 2019

The Library moved to a new catalog the week of January 6, 2019. These changes affect TOPCAT, Discover, logging into your library account, and accessing electronic resources from off-campus.

What's New?

Access to library resources and account information previously required login credentials which were separate from your Cardinal Stritch University credentials. A feature of the new system is that you can login using the SAME information you use to login for other university services.
You do NOT need to add the "" or" suffix to your username.
User Interface
TOPCAT and Discover have been combined into a single interface. The Search Scopes allow you to search TOPCAT and Discover individually, if desired. See Figure 3.

Figure 1. New Catalog Interface


Does TOPCAT still exist? How do I get to it?
Yes. You can access TOPCAT by clicking the TOPCAT box on the library homepage.
Why does TOPCAT look like Discover?
TOPCAT and Discover are now sharing the same user interface, but the basic functionality of each remains the same.
  • TOPCAT searches the physical collections of the Cardinal Stritch University Library and the libraries of the SWITCH Library Consortium.
  • Discover searches the Cardinal Stritch University Library's physical and (with some exceptions) electronic collections (i.e. databases). Learn more about using Discover.
Figure 3. Search Scopes
How do I know what I'm searching?
The new interface uses Search Scopes to change what you are searching. The active search scope will appear at the right hand side of the search box. The Scope can be changed by clicking the Scope name in the Search Scopes description. See Figure 3.
Can I still search the databases as I did before the change?
Yes. You can still access all of the databases individually via the Articles & Databases link on the library homepage.
How do I login to the databases from off-campus?
At the login screen, use your CSU login username and password. You do NOT need to add the "" or" suffix to your username.
Figure 2. CSU ID Card with barcode
Do I still need my barcode?
Yes. The barcode is needed to checkout library resources. The barcode is found on the back of your CSU ID card.
Your CSU login credentials (username and password) are now used to login to your library account and to access electronic resources from off-campus. You do NOT need to add the "" or" suffix to your username.
You do not need to use your barcode to login to these resources.
Do I still have a library account? How do I access it?
Yes. You still have a library account in order to:
  • request materials from libraries in the SWITCH consortium
  • see what you have checked out
  • renew items you have checked out
  • access electronic materials from off-campus
To access your library account, click the Sign In button on the upper right hand portion of the TOPCAT homepage.