Library of Congress Classification

AGeneral Works

AE Encyclopedias
AG Dictionaries

BPhilosophy / Psychology / Religion

B Philosophy
BF Psychology
BJ Ethics
BM Judaism
BR Christianity
BS The Bible
BX Christian denominations


CB History of civilization
CT Biography

DHistory (except American)

DA Great Britain
DC France
DD Germany
DK Russia
DS Asia
DT Africa

EHistory - American

FHistory: United States (local)


GB-GC Geography & oceans
GN Anthropology
GV Recreation & sports

HSocial Sciences

HA Statistics
HB Economics
HD Management, human relations
HM Sociology
HQ Family, marriage, women
HV Social service

JPolitical Science

JC Political theory, politics
JK United States



LA History of education
LB Theory & practice
LC Special aspects of education


ML Literature of music
MT Music instruction

NFine Art

NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing
ND Painting

PLanguages & Literature

PA Classical language & literature
PC Romance languages
PE English language
PN Literature history/collections/drama
PR English literature
PS American literature
PT German literature


QA Mathematics/computers
QC Physics
QD Chemistry
QH Biology
QK Botany
QM Human anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology


RA Public aspects of medicine
RT Nursing



TR Photography

UMilitary history

VNaval science

ZBibliography & Library Science