ILLiad Interlibrary Loan

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is an acronym for InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database, the electronic system you use to request an item through Interlibrary Loan.

Video Introduction

Introduction to ILLiad Interlibrary Loan covers:

  • When to use ILLiad?
  • Creating an ILLIad account
  • Requesting an item
  • Retrieving items


First Time User Registration

To request an item through ILLiad Interlibrary Loan, you must first identify yourself to the library's ILLiad system. To do this you fill out a registration form using your Web browser.

Registration has three purposes:

  1. Entering your personal information into the ILLiad system means you will not have to supply the information again when making future requests.
  2. Having your e-mail and regular mail addresses on file with Interlibrary Loan enables us to notify you promptly and deliver materials accurately when your request arrives in the library.
  3. By specifying a Username and Password of your choosing, you will have secure access to information about your requests. You will also be able to review the list of items you have requested in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about making requests, loan periods, and renewals can be found on the InterLibrary Loan Service page.


During registration, you will be asked to provide your Cardinal Stritch University barcode.

Your barcode can be found on the back of your Cardinal Stritch University ID card.
How to find your barcode online.



The ILLiad username is not tied to your Stritch account. It is recommended that you use your Cardinal Stritch University username as your ILLiad username.


Choose anything you like. We recommend that you follow good security practice and choose a password that is different from those you use to access other systems.

ILLiad will encrypt your password, so it will remain secure. Only you will know your password.

What if I forgot my password?

  1. Click the Forgot Password? link.
  2. Enter the username you created for ILLiad.
  3. Click the Reset Password button
  4. An e-mail will be sent to the address you specified when you registered for ILLiad.
  5. Click on the link within the e-mail
  6. You'll be directed to a Reset Password form.
  7. Complete the form and click the Reset Password button

Using ILLiad

How do I request an item?

  1. Login to ILLiad
  2. Under New Requests, choose one of the material types (Article, Book, Book Chapter)
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Click the Submit Request button

How do I know when my material has arrived?

You will be notified via the email address that you specify when you create your ILLiad account that your material has arrived.