Fine Appeal Policy

Charges on the borrower’s account may be waived or reduced in cases where extenuating circumstances are brought to the attention of the circulation office. An appeal must be submitted within 30 days from the fine’s assessment date. The library circulation office will consider the appeal. Notification of a decision will be sent within 5 business days. Documentation may be requested for verification purposes. All decisions made by the circulation office staff are final.

Examples of situations in which fines will not be waived:

  • The borrower did not receive a courtesy overdue notice.
  • The borrower loaned the item to another party and it was returned late.
  • The borrower was not aware of library hours.
  • The borrower is against the principle of fining as a penalty or the rate of fees and/or replacement and processing costs.

Examples of situations in which fines may be waived:

  • The borrower had a major illness requiring hospitalization or extended absence.
  • An emergency occurs within the borrower's immediate family (e.g., death or severe illness).
  • Fines were assessed due to library error.

Fine Appeal Form

Please read the Fine Appeal Policy above prior to submitting a request.

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