Library Policies

Behavior Guidelines

All behavior guidelines found in the current Stritch Student Handbook are applicable when in the library building or dealing with authorized staff. Library user behaviors specifically outlined on this site provide additional guidelines beyond those provided by the university. When conflicts between competing legitimate behaviors arise, the library will use the tools for accommodation it has available and then expect users to accommodate their behaviors and expectations at the time based on Franciscan values of hospitality, compassion, and community.

Guideline Enforcement

  • Please respect the authority of all library and security staff to enforce these behavioral guidelines.
  • If you feel that your right to an environment conducive to study is being compromised, please feel free to report it to any member of the library staff.
  • We ask that all patrons are accepting of any staff questions concerning alleged violations of these guidelines.
  • We ask that all patrons understand that the library must take all complaints seriously and address them.
  • Patrons will first be informed by library staff of any issues involving these guidelines. Second time or continual violations of these guidelines increase the likelihood of action by the staff in charge. At this point the patron may be requested to leave the library by library or security staff. Further difficulty can bring longer term suspension from the building and additional university action. These additional actions could include:
    • University disciplinary action
    • Suspension from the university
    • Legal action

Personal Belongings

To protect the security of the library and its contents, un-attended personal belongings will be removed by University Security personnel.

  • Please take these items with you if you are leaving your study area for even a brief period of time.
  • The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Leaving Public Computers Unattended

Please do not leave the public computer you are using unattended. Students are responsible for logging out of their personal account on library computers. The library is not responsible for any stolen items/personal files obtained from an unattended library computer. Library computers are primarily intended for research and study purposes. Library staff may log off unattended computers after 15 minutes.


The library attempts to support an environment that encourages a variety of collaboration, study, and reflection activities. These produce different levels of noise for your neighbors. Please maintain conversation that is not disruptive to other library users.

  • Shouting across the room, horseplay, or engaging other users in unwanted interactions are examples of disruptive behaviors that negatively impact others in the library.
  • Use headphones to play audio programs so that only the person using the headphones can hear it. Headphones may be checked out at the circulation desk. Ear buds are available for small fee at the circulation desk.


Cell phone use in the library

The Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study.

  • Please set phones to vibrate, silence, or turned off while in the library.
  • Please speak softly in the library when it becomes necessary to take a call and reduce the incoming volume on your phone. Notice the sound level around you and try to match or stay below that. If this is not possible then move somewhere else including outside the library to complete your call.
  • Look around you and determine if you might be disturbing your fellow patrons as their needs take precedence over your phone use in the library.

Food & drink guidelines

Food and drinks are allowed in the library under the following conditions:

  • Drinks must be in containers that have covers.
  • Food is welcome in the library; please refrain from consuming messy food near computers.
  • No delivery of outside restaurant food.
  • Food that emits odors disruptive to others is not allowed.
  • Please dispose of your food and containers in appropriate receptacles.
  • Notify library staff of messes or spills immediately.

Trash and Recycling

The Stritch Library practices the "Leave No Trace" principles.

  • Dispose of waste properly. Make sure to place recyclables only in recycling bins.
  • Please dispose of your gum in the trash.

Closing Time

Patrons are responsible for knowing and abiding by the closing time for the library building.

This includes:

  • Keeping track of time. (Clocks and other devices may not always be accurate.)
  • Pay attention to all warnings that are provided.
  • Be observant about starting tasks that are unlikely to be finished by closing time.
  • Actively cooperate with staff on the process of leaving the building at closing time.
  • Computers will shut down automatically at closing time; be prepared to save work externally.


Community Users

Use of the Cardinal Stritch University Library and resources and services is focused on our registered students, faculty, and staff. Community users whose needs for use reflect the educational mission of the Library are also welcome to enjoy a limited set of privileges.

  • Physical access to the public areas of the library facility (with the exception of study rooms) during posted hours of operation.
  • Use of library materials within the facility.
  • Circulation of library materials with the purchase of a Community Library Card.
  • General facility use support and quick ready reference from service points in the library.
  • Free access to the open wireless computing zone through the public areas of the library and on campus.
  • Access to most licensed online resources (only on campus or in library via personal computer and wireless access zone.)



The following services are limited to our primary learning community of current students, faculty, and staff:

  • Printing services
  • Study rooms
  • Detailed reference assistance and scheduled research consultations
  • Equipment loans
  • University computers (Unless you are related to a SWITCH consortium institution)


As a way for you to share in the responsibility of these services being offered to our visitor community patrons we ask you to do the following:

  • Pay special attention to our facility use and behavior guidelines as our guests.
  • Follow all directions and requests presented to you by authorized library and university staff.